What Unsure Means?

What does unsure of yourself mean?

unsure of yourself ​Definitions and Synonyms phrase.



not having much confidence, and tending to behave in a nervous way.

He was timid and unsure of himself at first..

What does unpolluted mean?

: not contaminated or made unclean or impure : not polluted a mind unpolluted by hatred especially : not contaminated with man-made waste unpolluted water …

Is uncontaminated a word?

un·con·tam·i·nat·ed adj. Not contaminated: uncontaminated blood; an uncontaminated island paradise.

What gases are present in unpolluted air?

Gas in AtmospherePercentageNitrogen78Oxygen21Argon1Carbon Dioxide0.0381 more row

Can you lose your personality?

You can never really ‘lose’ your personality. But there are significant things in your life that may obscure, diminish or suppress it. … Another big impact on our personality can be through disease and illness. Serious conditions such as Stroke, Dementia and Parkinsons can change our personality significantly.

What is the opposite of Unsure?

What is the opposite of unsure?surecertainundoubtedunshakeabledoubtlessimplicitclear in your mindfree from doubtin no doubtsettled65 more rows

What is meaning of Unsure?

: not marked by or given to feelings of confident certainty : not sure was unsure of what to do. unsure of oneself. : lacking confidence in one’s abilities … he’s a little unsure of himself when it comes to the music world …—

How do you use unsure in a sentence?

Unsure sentence examplesUnsure whether to move away from him or verbally fend him off, she did neither. … She was always unsure which name to use. … He went back and forth with the canvas from his bedroom to the music room, unsure where to hang it. … The boy seemed unsure how to respond and gazed at her, as did the others.More items…

What is another word for Unsure?

Unsure Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for unsure?doubtfuldubiousuncertainundecidedvacillatingwaveringhesitatingunsettledunconvincedirresolute68 more rows

What does precaution mean?

care taken in advance1 : care taken in advance : foresight warned of the need for precaution. 2 : a measure taken beforehand to prevent harm or secure good : safeguard take the necessary precautions.

Is it normal to be unsure in a relationship?

While some couples know right away that their relationship is meant to be, others have to go through a few ups and downs as they figure it all out. And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you feel unsure about your relationship, it doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. Or even that your relationship is unhealthy.

How do I become more sure of myself?

7 Mental Hacks to Be More Confident in YourselfPush through self-limiting beliefs. … Never confuse memory with facts. … Talk to yourself. … Think positive to overcome your negativity bias. … Raise your curiosity levels. … Overcome self-doubt. … Face your fears.

What is ambivalent mean?

: having or showing simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward something or someone : characterized by ambivalence … people whose relationship to their job is ambivalent, conflicted.—

What is the opposite meaning of Unsure?

Antonyms: sure, certain. Definition: having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured. Main entry: shy, timid, unsure, diffident.

Were is used for?

If you want to remember easily, you can think of was/were as the past tense form of the auxiliary verbs am, is and are. Generally, “was is used for singular objects and “were” is used for plural objects. So, you will use “was” with I, he, she and it while you will use “were” with you, we and they.

What is the sentence of anxious?

People are anxious about the future. He was anxious that the weather would not improve in time for the party. We experienced a few anxious moments as we waited to hear the results of the test. It was an anxious night as she waited for her children to come home.

How do you use presence in a sentence?

[S] [T] I can feel Tom’s presence. ( … [S] [T] I always get nervous in her presence. ( … [S] [T] He acknowledged my presence with a nod. ( … [S] [T] I didn’t feel her presence. ( … [S] [T] She felt shy in his presence. ( … [S] [T] I feel awkward in his presence. ( … [S] [T] I was not aware of his presence. (More items…